Fibre and IP Connectivity

When it comes to connectivity, HorizonSat has earned its reputation for delivering secure and robust systems. Our global fibre network is optimised for dependable delivery of audio and video content.

With internet fast becoming an important distribution platform for content, HorizonSat‘s re-transmission solutions bring your TV channels to the internet. For TV Streaming or contribution to IPTV platforms, our services comprise:
  • Reception of TV channels over satellite
  • Conversion of signals to video and audio formats required by distribution platforms
  • Delivery of video streams to distribution platforms located at any tele-house, anywhere worldwide
  • 24/7 monitoring

With fibre access from two major providers, HorizonSat delivers from its own Teleport content by means of dedicated links and private leased lines. Over our Point-of-Presence (POP) at Equinix, Munich, we provide easy access to Telehouse London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris and New York, and thus have the best IP connectivity critical for sending broadcast content via the internet. Simply put, it translates to better efficiency.
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