GSM Backhaul

With increasing communication needs, especially for mobile applications in predominantly rural areas, satellite backhaul can be used to extend terrestrial networks.

With HorizonSat GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) backhaul solutions, Telco operators can extend their cellular coverage of 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE or WiFi / WiMax networks. These solutions may also be used as back-up in case of terrestrial network failures.

GSM Backhauling through satellite is an effective means of expanding the potential cellular reach of terrestrial networks in rural areas. Our backhaul solution extends cellular coverage by creating a network backbone. This is particularly useful when terrestrial capacity is either not available or is too costly a solution to implement. In such cases, terrestrial networks can be bypassed using the HorizonSat GSM backhaul service via satellite, noted for its flexibility, scalability and reliability, allowing operators to reach more customers geographically and regardless of the limitation of terrestrial networks.

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