Space Segment

As satellite communications provide the much-needed versatility for business development, HorizonSat delivers space segment for all mission critical applications. Through key alliances with well-known satellite providers, we provide space segment with unrivalled connectivity and worldwide coverage. This includes a large array of C-Band, Ku-Band and Ka-Band satellites.

To maintain unified connectivity between locations, space segment can be configured as pure space segment or as a wholly managed service in combination with our uplink and IP transit services for use on any platform. Furthermore, it can be used as a back-up for terrestrial fibre links as well.

HorizonSat provides detailed link budgets and consultancy, in order to use the best modulation, reach the highest throughput and operate the most appropriate equipment. We are also actively engaged in providing satellite space segment to various governments for their military applications, to embassies, ministries and institutions in different parts of the world.

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