TV Distribution

Quality is vital when it comes to customer demands for TV content; as a result, distribution of such programming necessitates the most innovative products and resources.

Covering vast expanses and connecting entire continents, satellites continue to be the first medium in distributing TV and radio content. Less expensive, they overcome huge distances, establish links and solve service interruptions easily.

For distribution of TV and radio programs via satellite, for large sporting, cultural or political events anywhere in the world, HorizonSat offers different satellites.

Our stable digital free-to-air-platform operating on Eutelsat 70B is capable of reaching direct-to-home (DTH) subscribers within the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe. Our comprehensive services include receiving of your TV channel via satellite or IP, program delivery to signal processing – encoding/transcoding, conversion and playout in SD/HD, uplink and distribution via our DVB-S2 platforms.

We operate a series of satellite broadcasting platforms that provide exceptional quality and single point accountability. We also cater to individual digital broadcasting requirements through our end-to-end system solutions.

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