Uplink Managed Services

Uplink services for broadcasters and other media houses are administered and managed from our teleport facilities in Munich.

We receive the TV channel via satellite or IP from a broadcaster, transcode/encode, convert and multiplex, and prepare for it to be re-transmitted on any required satellite or on one of our free-to-air distribution platforms, such as on Eutelsat 70B, Ku-Band.

Our uplink managed services cover:

  • Receiving the TV channel via satellite or IP
  • Transcoding, Encoding and Multiplexing of signal
  • Uplink of the TV signal to the satellite
  • 24/7 ON and OFF AIR Monitoring
  • Process-driven Operations and Control

The service has 99.9% annual availability, and is monitored pro-actively by our Network Operations Centres (NOC) on a 24-hrs basis, all through the year.

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